From budding amateurs to seasoned pros, we invite you to submit your work captured with Fujifilm’s groundbreaking X Series and GFX system cameras. By completing the form on this site, Fujifilm UK will be able to view your work. If the opportunity arises, we will be in touch with you about the potential to be featured on our social media and blogging platforms.

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Collaborating with Fujifilm

We’re incredibly proud of our photography community and are committed to sharing the diverse range of work our users are creating across the globe. We’re committed to doing our part to make the industry of photography an even playing field for creatives and to empower future generations of photographers.

In order to do this, we want to see and share your photos, and our X-Thusiast platform is the easiest way to establish a relationship with us. You can also make use of #RepostMyFujifilm on social channels.

Certain photographers that we’ve been working with for a while may be invited to become a FUJIFILM X-Photographer and publicly represent Fujifilm as an ambassador for the brand.

What it means to be an X-Photographer

What is an ‘official FUJIFILM X-Photographer’?

A professional photographer who shoots all* of their paid and recreational photography on FUJIFILM products. As an authentic lover of the X Series or GFX system, they will have purchased all of their equipment themselves. They will work closely with Fujifilm to share their passion for the brand and will, in turn, receive support and promotion across Fujifilm’s networks. *Exceptions are allowed if they are using a non-directly competing product that we do not currently produce, such as a fisheye lens.

What can an X-Photographer expect from Fujifilm?

Some of the benefits include:

  • Regular commissions for photo shoots, video shoots, written work, social media engagement and more.
  • Licensing of their own work for use to represent FUJIFILM products.
  • Regular commissions to present on behalf of Fujifilm at trade shows, events in-store or online, or run workshops.
  • Promotion of work, channels and activity on our platforms.
  • Invitations to provide feedback to assist new product development and commissions to create sample imagery for new products.
  • Promotion via third parties, such as magazine publications.

What does Fujifilm expect from an X-Photographer?

  • Availability to be commissioned by Fujifilm for various creative projects and branded content, events and shows.
  • Regular submissions of creative work taken on FUJIFILM X Series or GFX system cameras to be potentially licensed for use.
  • The promotion of FUJIFILM products to the photographer’s existing audience.
  • The outward endorsement of FUJIFILM X Series or GFX system products.
  • Availability for ad hoc PR responsibilities.
  • Professional and appropriate behaviour on public-facing platforms.

No sponsorships: As a rule, we do not offer sponsorships or give any free stock to individuals. To collaborate with the brand as an ambassador, all candidates will have first purchased FUJIFILM equipment exclusively.