Customers who purchase a NEW qualifying FUJIFILM Camera or Lens (“Qualifying Product”) between 15th May 2019 and 15th July 2019 (“Promotional Period”) will be eligible to claim a Cashback reward.

Second hand or refurbished FUJIFILM cameras and lenses are excluded from this promotion. The Cashback amount will vary by Qualifying Products purchased. The Qualifying Product, Cashback amounts and Promotional Periods are detailed on the ‘More Info’ page.

The 18 – 55mm and 23mmF2 lenses are almost always ineligible for cashback if bought as a kit (the camera and lens are sold in one box together as a standalone product.)  To check which combinations  are either eligible or ineligible, please see the appendix at the bottom of this document.

1.      Only consumers who are at least 18 years of age, who live in the European Union and have purchased a Qualifying Product online or in store from a Qualifying Retailer in the Republic of Ireland are eligible to participate in this promotion and should make a claim at www.fujifilm-connect.com/promotions.  Other claims will be rejected. For purchases made in other countries, please visit the relevant country pagewww.fujifilm-connect.com/promotions (different conditions may apply). Only genuine qualifying NEW FUJIFILM cameras and lenses detailed on the ‘More Info’ page are eligible for this promotion.

2.       Claims for purchases made during the Promotional Period can be submitted immediately after the Qualifying Product has been purchased and must be submitted no later than August 15th 2019.  A valid purchase invoice or receipt is necessary to make a claim. An order confirmation is not a valid proof of purchase. Claims received outside of this period will be rejected.

3.       The Claim Form can be found on the promotions tab within www.FUJIFILM-connect.com website (‘Claim Now’).

4.       Fake, altered or doctored invoices or receipts will be rejected and the related claims treated as Fraudulent Claims.

5.       Each customer is only allowed to purchase one (1) of each of the Qualifying Products in the promotion.  The maximum number of claims per customer is 5.  Multiple individual products per claim is allowed and recommended. 

6.       Retailers must not submit claims on behalf of their customers. Any claims submitted by retailers will be rejected.

7.       A claim cannot be made if the Qualifying Product is returned to the Qualifying Retailer for a refund or an exchange.  If a claim is made for a Qualifying Product that is returned or exchanged, the claim will be rejected, and it will be regarded as a Fraudulent Claim. 

8.       Claimants must submit the serial number of the Qualifying Product on the Claim Form.  The serial number can be found on the box or on the Qualifying Product.  The claimant must type in the serial number in the relevant box and also upload a photograph of the same serial number. If a claim is made for a Qualifying Product using a serial number that has been used for a claim under a previous promotion or a previous claim under this promotion or that has been deliberately falsified, the claim will be rejected, and it will be regarded as a Fraudulent Claim.

9.       The serial number will be validated against existing records. This will include checking:

10.    In order to submit a claim a claimant must submit their personal details, bank details and purchase information online. Proof of purchase must be in the form of an invoice or receipt clearly showing the purchase date, Qualifying Retailer and Qualifying Product(s) purchased. FUJIFILM reserves the right to request the original proof of purchase. If this is requested to be sent via post, it will be returned to the claimant.

11.    A confirmation email will be sent to the claimant upon receipt of an online claim submission.

12.    We aim to validate the claim within a maximum of 14 days and then make the payment within another 14 days (maximum 28 days).  However, if there is any reason to check the claim (missing information, unreadable receipt, duplicated serial number etc), then the validation window may need to be extended.  Once these claims have been validated, we aim to make payment within 14 days.

13.    A claimant will be notified when an incomplete claim is submitted or an illegible proof of purchase received. Notification of omissions will be sent via email. Claimants will be given the opportunity to supply further information to rectify any errors within 14 calendar days of receipt of the email. Failure to respond within 14 calendar days of receipt of the email will result in the claim being rejected.

14.    FUJIFILM will not be held responsible if e-mails are blocked or sent to “junk” mail folders. Claimants must ensure that they check their “junk” mail folder regularly to ensure that they do not miss claim status update emails. If a claim is refused because the Terms and Conditions of the offer have not been met, FUJIFILM’s decision is final. FUJIFILM reserves the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the promotion without notice.

15.    Hardware, technical, software, server, website, loss or other failures outside our control that prevent the customer participating in the promotion are not the responsibility of FUJIFILM.

16.    FUJIFILM reserves the right to void this promotion at any time and change the Terms and Conditions without incurring any liability.

17.    Email address for correspondence is fujifilm@promotion-support.com; a claimant should provide their unique Claim ID supplied during the claim process with any correspondence.  Further details can be found on the Support page.

18.    By participating in the promotion, each claimant agrees that any personal data provided may be held by FUJIFILM or its agents for the purpose set out in the FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH privacy policy available at www.FUJIFILM-connect.com.

19.    The terms of the promotion shall be interpreted and applied on the basis of local laws.

20.    The promoter in respect of this promotion and the data controller in respect of any personal data submitted by any customer in connection with this promotion is FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Europe GmbH of Fujistrasse 1, 47533 Kleve, Germany. Please do not send any applications to this address.

21.    The administration of the promotion (other than validation of the claim) is carried out on behalf of FUJIFILM by Interpay Sales Promotions Unlimited Company of IDA Business & Technology Park, Ring Road, Kilkenny, Ireland (“Sales Promotions”) who act as FUJIFILM’s data processor in respect of any personal data submitted by any customer in connection with this promotion.

22.    FUJIFILM use the personal data to validate claims and Sales Promotions use the personal data to otherwise administer the claim and arrange the cashback payment.